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Global Channel

[Warning] | [1 Day Mute] | [3 Day Mute]

Do not use the Global chat channel for arguing or harassing others. The Global chat should only be used for the Buying/Selling of Goods and general conversation.


[1 Hour Mute] | [12 Hour Mute] | [3 Day Mute] | [7 Day Mute]

No spamming of any kind will be tolerated. This includes local chat as well as the Shout channel. If you are intentionally spamming to annoy other players you will be punished.

Personal Information

[1 Day Mute] | [7 Day Mute] | [Permanent Mute]

Posting others information or your own is prohibited.


[Warning] | [6 Hour Mute] | [1 Day Mute] | [3 Day Mute]

Excessive profanity is not allowed in the public chat. You may use profanity all you wish in private messages but in the public chat please be respectful and tone it down.


[1 Day Mute] | [7 Day Mute] | [Permanent Mute]

Harassing others will result in immediate punishment with no warning. There is no reason to be harassing anyone. It's Minecraft. 

Inappropriate Builds

[Warning] | [3 Hour Ban] | [1 Day Ban]

Creating any builds that may be deemed inappropriate, explicit, homophobic, offensive or racist. You will be asked to remove the structure, failure to do so will result in a ban.

External Links

[Warning] | [6 Hour Mute] | [1 Day Mute] | [3 Day Mute]

The only links allowed outside of Exteria.io is: Youtube, Google, Gyazo, Imgur, Twitch.


[7 Day Ban] | [14 Day Ban] | [Permanent Ban]

Performing any type of scams on other players will result in an immediate ban. Scamming is a zero tolerance policy for us at Exteria. If you are purchasing an item from the Exteria Store through another player, think about using a middleman to make the transaction go smoothly.


[Warning] | [7 Day Ban] | [Permanent Ban]

Anyone who is found abusing bugs/exploits will be swiftly dealt with. If you find a bug on accident please report it to a staff member promptly.


[1 Day Ban] | [7 Day Ban] | [14 Day Ban]

Any person found using macros for malicious intent or auto clicking will receive a ban straight away.


[14 Day Ban] | [Permanent Ban]

Using any form of modifications that give you an advantage over another player is prohibited and will result in a ban.


[Permanent Ban]

Anyone found duping will receive a Permanent ban. If you suspect someone of duping please report it to a staff member.

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